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I’m very happy to have helped an organisation like Edhi: Bilal Khan on his concert for a cause


Bilal Khan performed on Sunday night in London and the proceeds of this concert went to the Edhi Foundation.

“I was here to perform a few concerts and the opportunity to do a fundraiser concert for Edhi organization came up. I had to do it as for me helping an organization like Edhi with whatever little I can with my music is extremely important,” said Bilal to Images.

And it was a success! According to the singer, “We were able to raise more than £2000 with this event that went to Edhi [Foundation].”

“This was an official Edhi backed concert. People from Edhi organization were there themselves and all the money went straight to them,” he added.

Bilal has a personal history with the organisation. “I have always supported Edhi [Foundation] in my personal capacity and I am inspired by the work that they do.”

The experience turned out to be rewarding in more ways than one for the singer as he adds, “I think it was one of the best performances I have done in a long time. I don’t say this often enough but the crowd and the night was very special. I performed for hour and a half and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

He went on to add, “There were all sorts of people in the audience and not just Pakistanis. I had a fan from South Korea who later messaged us telling us about her great experience at the show.”

About his future plans, he adds, “I am in London till August 10th performing a lot of shows here. One of my English songs ‘Save Me’ has become a viral hit globally so I am out promoting here. I am extremely happy to have helped an organisation like Edhi.”

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