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Iman Ali recounted his illness


Eminent actress Iman Ali recounted her life-threatening illness as well as the problems she faced while living with multiple-disease sclerosis.

On social networking website Instagram, the actress shared a video containing 02 minutes and 3 seconds. In the video caption, Eman Ali used the hashtags ‘Don’t wait’ and ‘Let’s beat MS’.

Remember that the actress has been fighting this disease for the last 15 years.

At the beginning of the video. She said that in 2006. She was at the height of his career, that every magazine cover had a picture of me in it. Diagnosed with a deadly disease such as sclerosis.

“It became the biggest challenge of my life at the time,”. Iman Ali said, adding that people have no idea what happens in ‘multi-bridge sclerosis’, how painful it is to live.

Eman Ali highlighted the symptoms of the disease. Saying, ‘Sudden fade while reading the script. Despite eight hours of sleep does not relieve fatigue, all the time. There is just one fear of how the day will pass.

Iman Ali complained, “Sadly, no one has ever admitted that I have not been able to give up even after suffering so much.” She worked and got married.

He advised his loved ones to take care of any signs that appear but do not neglect them, but contact the neurologist immediately.

Contact a physician immediately after diagnosis can save you from a lifetime disability, he said.

Be your own power today and be your own power to beat the MS “Multi-Pulse Sclerosis”.

It should be noted that Eman Ali modeled the beginning of his career, after which he stepped into the Pakistani film industry and also appeared in several famous films ‘For God’, ‘Bol’ and ‘Mahi Mir’. ۔

Eman Ali’s new film Touch Button will be the adornment of cinemas on Eid al Fitr, with Farhan Saeed playing the lead role.

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