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Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah has given a humorous response to the news of their marriage


Renowned actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Imran Abbas has given a humorous response to the news of his marriage. To fellow actress Ushna Shah which has made the fans laugh.

Imran Abbas

Actress Ushna Shah shared her Instagram story with a screenshot of a YouTube video. With a photoshop photo of Imran Abbas and Ushna. She saying that Ushna Shah and Imran Abbas are married.

Imran Abbas

Ushna Shah also tagged Imran on the screenshot and wrote, “Congratulations to you very much.”

In response to Ushna Shah’s story. Imran also wrote, “And Ushna, we were in such a hurry to get married. That we forgot to tell each other.”

At the same time, he slammed YouTubers and said, “YouTubers would at least do Photoshop properly.”

Imran Abbas

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Imran has reacted to rumours of his marriage before.

Imran Abbas

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