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Imran Abbas has also been nominated for this year’s Attractive Faces


Renowned actor and host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Imran Abbas has been nominated by the international organization for the 100 most attractive faces of the world by 2020.

Imran Abbas, a handsome and attractive actor of Pakistan showbiz industry, has been nominated for the 100 most attractive faces of 2020 by a website called Independent Critic.

Independent critic shared a list of all nominations on his Instagram account.

Actors have been making it to the list for the past three years. Imran Abbas also asked the fans to vote for him.

This year, Fawad Khan has also been nominated for the most attractive face in the world. After 2017 and 2018, Fawad Khan has once again joined the list.

The Independent Critic has been compiling a list of the world’s most attractive faces since 1990.

Actors, sports personalities and celebrities from dozens of countries, including Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, are compiled each year by TC Candler and The Independent Critics. People from the showbiz industry have been selected.

Along with Fawad Khan, the list also includes superstars like Hollywood actor Kino Reeves, Daniel Red Cliff and Zian Malik.

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