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Imran Abbas & Naveen Waqar to Star in Upcoming Feature Film ‘Musafir’


Imran Abbas might have did not confirm his mettle in Bollywood but he sure is earning the assistance of his lovers right here in his house nation.

With his latest impressive personality, in Tum Kon Piya, he has shown his capability to add detail to a personality with a grasping efficiency. Now he is prepared to celebrity in a forthcoming function film Musafir along part Naveen Waqar.

Talking to Pictures about her part, the Humsafar celebrity shows, “The personality I’m enjoying is of a lady who is affected with serious depressive disorders and is taking once lifestyle. The film is about lifestyle and how individuals that you least anticipate can provide you with wish for a lighter upcoming. I discovered the program just wonderful when Sakina provided it to me.”
“Before this, I had taken this telefilm with Sakina, which is yet to hit tv screens; she’s very innovative and gives you a lot of space to try out as an acting professional.”

Currently, Waqar says she’s also focusing on another venture known as Deewar Bhi Nahi, with Ahsan Khan and Emmad Irfani, which will be tested after Eid.

Musafir, which has been published by Ali Moen and created by Actual Enjoyment, will launch sometime by the end of this season. Until then, the celebrity is studying programs and on the search for something different to capture her eye.

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