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Imran Abbas skydiving video goes viral


The Video of famous Pakistani actor Imran Abbas skydiving from Dubai has gone viral on internet.

Imran Abbas shared a video of himself skydiving in Dubai on his Instagram account. Yesterday which has gone viral on social media.

Imran Abbass

In this video which went viral on social media. Imran can be seen skydiving with the help of an instructor.

Imran Abbas

Also in this video you can see the beautiful aerial view of Dubai.

At the end of the video. Imran is seen praising this wonderful and exciting experience of his life. After landing on the ground.

Imran Abbas

The video has been well-received by social media users. A series of interesting comments have been made.

Imran Abbas

A weak-hearted user wrote in an interesting way, “If I were you, I would die here.”

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