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Imran Abbas Wants Producers/Writers To Show More Creativity

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Imran Abbas is enjoying working in Pakistani dramas once again, something that is very apparent from his excitement on facebook vis a vis the drama that he is working in and undoubtedly also his performances in the dramas which he has worked in. Imran Abbas has been getting a lot of offers from different production houses but he says that he does not want to work in a play unless it is based on a different story. He thinks that the producers and directors are concentrating on run of the mill formulas of love triangles and family dramas when there is so much more that they can experiment with.

Imran Abbas’ latest statement goes to prove that viewers are not the only ones who are tired of watching the same kind of stories in dramas but the actors too no longer want to work in dramas which revolve around the same old stories. If we look at the history of dramas which Imran Abbas has worked in we can see that he has played versatile roles which is why he is looking for the same variety now too.









Speaking up about something like this might invite a lot of criticism from different circles but looks like Imran Abbas means business so he does not really care what the outcome of this honesty would be. It is very clear that the actor had no intentions of hurting anyone by expressing his feelings about the situation in the drama industry.

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