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Imran Ashraf talks about Raqs-e-Bismal in his latest interview


Actor Imran Ashraf is playing the role of Musa, a religious and asshole belonging to Pir’s family. Who falls in love with a dancer named Zohra in the drama Raqs-e-Bismal. Which is shown on Pakistan’s private entertainment channel Hum TV.

Raqs e Bismal

The drama has aired five episodes so far and while it is being well received by the audience. Many social media users are also criticizing the role of Musa in the drama.

Imran Ashraf

Critics of the play say it portrays the woman’s ‘permission’ and disregard for her will in a romantic way. While Moses forbids his sister from marrying what she wants. Chasing a girl and kidnapping her for marriage against her will are all acts that should not be appreciated in dramas.

Imran Ashraf

However, Imran Ashraf, who played the role, said that many people did not understand the story.

“People think it’s a story of a man who doesn’t respect women and wants to find a veiled woman, but he’s not. The story is about a “beautiful” confrontation between people from two different worlds.

Imran Ashraf says that he admits that the character of Musa was shown in such a way that he does not respect the woman and her ‘permission’ and there are such men in our society.

Imran Ashraf

“But don’t men have the right to learn to respect women and correct their wrongdoings?” And this is the story of a man who did not respect women but then he learned to do so and valued women’s permission.

Imran Ashraf says, “It is wrong for Musa to chase Zohra, but he repeatedly tells her that I never tried to find out the address of your house and did not ask you to meet me secretly.” Musa offers marriage to Zohra and it is the right of every man to offer marriage to the girl of his choice.

“His thinking is different at every stage,” he added. One Imran Ashraf is the one who after doing ten scenes in the play used to ask me to give him a second lead role. One Imran Ashraf is the one who used to tell people even after working for five years that if there is a place in the title Put it and an Imran Ashraf is the one who rules the hearts of the people but still many people do not believe in his work.

Imran Ashraf says that he is very grateful that people liked and appreciated each of his characters. But if the ratings of his dramas stop coming tomorrow, he will also stop getting work.

Here is the Interview:

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