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Imran Khan express his love for her wife Bushra Bibi.


Imran Khan Niazi is consider as one of the few undisputed national heroes of the country. After having a successful cricket career of two decades. He joined politics and form his political party name as Pakistan Tahreek Insaf. Along with politics, he continue his charity works as he had already construct a state of the art cancer treatment hospital Shoukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital.

Later, He construct Namal College that is the first step towards the construction of Knowledge city. His political life start when the political scenario of the country demand a selfless political leader. Who would later steer the nation through an economic and moral crisis. As he hail from a non-political background with a straight forward and honest nature. He was discourage for more than ten years to never fit in the political structure of the country that favor only the clever and the cunning.

When he found a rise in 2011. It was expect that he would be the next elect Prime Minister but could not win the election. Where as it is upset for him. Yet he continue his struggle and became the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. His views are highly commend and respect. Also his fan following has reach across the globe.

Imran Khan express his love for Bushra Bibi:

Prime minister has married three times. But it seems like that he has given his heart and soul to his wife Bushra Bibi. He and Bushra tie the knot in February 2018 in an intimate Nikkah ceremony. Which take place in Lahore. According to reports, Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi met for the first time in 2015.

In a recent interview with Der Spiegel’s Susanne Koelbl. He talk about his country’s role in global politics. His admiration for the Chinese leadership and the similarities he shares with U.S. President Donald Trump. Most importantly he credit his wife for the success. And also express his love for his wife and called her ‘soulmate’.

The interviewer asked, “You recently remarried. The first lady, Bushra Bibi, is a well-known faith healer. Do you take her advice on political issues?”

Prime Minister Imran Khan reply, “Only a fool doesn’t talk about everything with his wife.”

He further praise his wife for her wisdom and said, “She has great wisdom. I discuss everything with her. Also problems I face in government, dealing with complex situations. She is my soulmate. And my companion. I would not have survive without her.” Imran Khan say all these words in the praise of Bushra Bibi.

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