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India loves Pakistani dramas because they are more ‘sensible’ than their saas-bahu sagas

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Our actors might be making headlines across the border, but so are our TV serials. Times of India has reported that Indians feel Pakistani serials are more ‘sensible’ than their soaps.

It’s not only Fawad Khan getting all the love in the neighbouring country, Indians reveal the real reason why they choose Pakistani serials over their saas-bahu sagas.

“I love watching them as they are much more sensible than Indian ones,” says Kanupreet Arora from Delhi.

“Though I watched my first Pakistani soap because of Fawad Khan, thereafter it was definitely for the concept and realistic stories. I watch them on YouTube every night. Currently, I am watching Maat. Though it is a little old, I have not watched it,” she said.












After Indian TV channel Zee Zindagi started airing Pakistani shows the Indian audience had the option to choose from a pool of their over-the-top dramas and the Pakistani ones which showed stories that common people can relate to.

Avneet Kaur from Indian Punjab, another fan of Pakistani soaps, says the serials are close to reality. “I am a big fan of these serials only because of their concept,” she says.

Unlike the luxurious lives depicted in Indian serials, Pakistani serials depict ‘real lives’.




















“The best thing is that they don’t wear tons of make up and jewellery while eating and sleeping. They live real lives. Also, the stories are mostly women-oriented and that is one thing I like the most about them,” she further added.

Another fan, Sakshi Arora, residing in the same province said that she liked the fact that the serials were short and sweet, unlike the never ending khichi huay Indian dramas. “No dragging the stories for years. They are limited-episode serials, 25 to 30. Short and meaningful,” she said.










While others feel our dramas are close to reality, another avid Pakistan serial watcher Richa Khurana shares that she feels close to Pakistani culture. “So much like us, yet so different,” she says.

Birinder Kaur, on the other hand, watches them for the realistic treatment of social issues. “Kash Main Teri Beti Naa Hoti and Thakanare my favourites,” she says.

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