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India should let Pakistani films run: Mohib Mirza


As he stars in the Pakistani remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth, Mohib Mirza’s got the attention of the Indian press.

And he wastes no time in letting them know what’s what in Pakistan’s cinema scene.

He first advocates for the screening of Pakistani films in India:

Mujhe thoda feel hota hai Pakistani film industry ya Pakistani TV ke hawaale se ki India ko hamaari cheezon ko thoda chalne dena chahiye (I feel that India should let Pakistani films and TV shows to run),” Mirza said to IANS,

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He goes on to point out that there is a disparity between the promotion of Bollywood in Pakistan and Pakistani cinema across the border:

Wo haathon haath nahi lete hamare films ko (They don’t take our films willingly). I feel that one should mutually exchange storytelling. Our films get very [little] exposure in India, while on the other hand, we give exposure to their films so much.”

He then talks about how Pakistani cinema operates in circumstances different from Pakistan:

“Indian media does promote our films, but it’s not consistent. We are equally talented and we have all means to produce and achieve things.”

The actor shows off the grand locations used in Arth 2

“Yes, the entertainment industry of India is very big and there is a lot of investment when it comes to making Indian films… We don’t have that much money as internationally we don’t get that much of trust, but in reality, we are equally talented,”

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When asked the inevitable question of whether he’d ever work in Bollywood, Mirza said he was open to the idea:

“I think acting has no boundaries, like music. If I get some nice opportunity and if I feel it’s worth doing, I will take it up.”

In addition to Arth 2, Mirza is starring in Bachaana, a Pak-India love story set in Mauritius.

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