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Indian actor meets with President, endorses Pakistani stand on Kashmir issue


LAHORE: Bollywood actor and Indian politician has raised his voice against Lockdown, confirming Pakistan’s position on the Kashmir issue.

According to a statement issued by the Presidential Spokesperson, Indian politician Shatrughan Sinha met with President Arif Alawi in Lahore.

During the meeting to discuss bilateral peace negotiations, Dr Arif Alawi also informed the Indian politician about the ongoing Indian atrocities and lockdown in Kashmir.

Shatrughan Sinha endorsed Pakistan’s reservations and stand on lockdown in Kashmir for the last 200 days.

It is to be remembered that a few days ago, However a picture of Indian actor on the Internet with Pakistani actress Rema went viral. After that news came out that Shatrughan Sinha had come to Pakistan to attend the wedding.

Talking to the media a day ago. Shatrughan Sinha also said, “People of Pakistan are very loving, it is always nice to come here”.

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