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Indian actress attempts suicide


The leading actress of India’s Tamil showbiz industry Vijaya Lakshmi tried to end her life by committing suicide. She was fed up with online harassment but the actress survived when she was rushed to the hospital.

Vijaya Lakshmi’s condition is out of danger. But she is still being treated at the hospital and is likely to be kept in the hospital for another day or two.

According to Indian media reports, the popular Tamil young actress shared a few videos on her Facebook account before attempting suicide. She explaining how serious steps have been taken and how her life has been put in trouble with constant harassment.

In a video, the actress accused two prominent leaders of local political parties in Tamil Nadu. Seman and Hari Nader, of online harassment.

According to Indian media reports, the news of Vijay Lakshmi. A popular actress in the Tamil showbiz industry, trying to end her life has upset everyone. People are demanding the arrest of influential people who harassed the actress.

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