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Indian artist is also saddened by the death of Amanullah


The death of Pakistan’s leading comedian and actor Amanullah. Who recently greeted the world, has saddened not only his fans in Pakistan. But also the Indian people across the border.

Leading Indian comedian and actor Kapil Sharma, composer and singer Dilir Mehndi. Including famous comedian Indian actor and Chandu Bharkar. Who played the role of Chandu Tea in a well-known show. It expressed deep grief in his social media messages on Amanullah’s death. ۔

In his video message, Dilir Mehndi said that. The news of the death of comedy King Amanullah Khan made him sad.

“As long as we are alive, the memories of Amanullah will be with us,” he said.

On Chandan, Barharkar issued a message in Hindi using the hashtag ‘Amanullah Khan’.

He wrote in his very brief but impactful message that people who laugh at you all the day are left crying one day.

Indian comedian Kapil Sharma retweeted Chandra Bharkar’s tweet praised Amanullah’s efforts and called him a great artist.

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