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Indian singer rejects music for Islam


The Leading Indian singer and rapper Ruhaan Arshad has said goodbye to music for Islam.

Singer Ruhaan Arshad from the Indian state of Hyderabad announced his departure from the world of music and showbiz on his YouTube channel. He said that music is haraam and forbidden in Islam so he is leaving music.

Ruhaan Arshad

Singer Ruhaan said that I am confident in my decision and thank God I am very happy. I will no longer make music videos or anything related to music. I have faith in Allah and I am sure that after saying goodbye to the world of music. Allah will give me a place in something else and give me success in a lawful way.

Ruhaan Arshad

People are congratulating Ruhaan on this decision and assuring him of their full support and advising him to recite Naat in future.

It should be noted that Ruhaan Arshad became famous a few years ago when his song “Mian Bhai” was released. The video has received over 500 million views so far.

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