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Indian singer SP Bala moved to Ventilator.


CHENNAI: India’s world-renowned singer SP Bala is admit to hospital after passing a corona test. Where he has shifted to a ventilator due to ill health.

According to Indian media, SP Bala, who has a melodious voice and has been awakening the magic of his voice in the Bollywood film industry for four decades, was admitted to MGM Healthcare Center on August 5 after passing a corona test.

A statement issue by the family said the well-known singer is admit to the intensive care unit. As he could not recover, but his condition continued to deteriorate and he has now shifted to a ventilator.

The hospital administration says SP Bala is in critical condition and a team of doctors is monitoring the functioning of his limbs. She also suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is note the well-known singer of the Indian film industry share a video on his Facebook page. On August 5, he said he would be admit to the hospital. If the Corona test came back positive and minor symptoms appear.

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