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Indian TV content today a huge sign of worry: Prachi Desai


Prachi Desai feels the content on the far-reaching medium is in a dismal state of affairs.

Shows that are progressive in outlook are the need of the hour on Indian television, says actress Prachi Desai, who feels the content on the far-reaching medium is in a dismal state of affairs.

Prachi moved into the film world after successfully establishing her name with a lead role as Bani in the once-popular daily soap “Kasamh Se”, which dealt with the trials and tribulations of three sisters.

With no immediate plans to return to the small screen medium for a fiction show, Prachi told IANS in an interview: “Honestly, (Indian) television right now makes me really sad. It is a huge sign of worry.”

“Looking at where the country is going and the things that are happening around us, we should open our eyes and give content to the people accordingly. I am not saying that the medium is a social service, but TV impacts so many people on so many different levels, in a huge way,” she added.

The 27-year-old actress, whose latest Bollywood release is “Azhar”, strongly believes that since TV caters to a huge audience, “we definitely need way better content and not content which is so regressive and just so shocking at every level”.

“We need to improve so much… Years ago, we used to have way more advanced shows in terms of outlook and relatability,” added the “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai” actress.


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