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Interesting activities by Celebrities after moving to Quarantina


Karachi: Artists have carefully quarantined themselves at home to protect themselves from the corona virus. A symbol of fear and terror around the world.

It also urged people on social media to stay locked-in as a precautionary measure. Are looking In the meantime, artists are also sharing interesting videos of their activities on social media.

However hilarious and quite interesting video of actors Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz is going viral on social media. In which Yasir is seen making his wife Iqra a peak.

In the video, Iqra Aziz says that. We are doing this to get rid of boredom while sitting at home and Yasir Hussain is saying that. This is the case of boredom.

A very interesting video of former cricketer Wasim Akram is also going viral on social media in which his daughter is making a hairstyle by making Wasim Akram’s hair pony and Wasim Akram also happily wears his daughter’s glasses to create a hairstyle.

Pakistani Celebrities Maya Ali shared a video on social media in which she has quarantined herself in her house and is seen cleaning the entire house.

Host and actress Javeria Saud has also a video going viral on social media in which she meets the challenge of going viral on social media with her two children at home.

Morning Show host Nida Yasir is also spending time at home with her husband Yasir Nawaz, while both spouses are busy cleaning the house. In the video, Yasir Nawaz also can be seen wearing a broom wrap in the house.

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