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Corona Virus: International Film Festival Delayed in Jeddah


Riyadh: The Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia has been postponed. In the wake of the Corona virus, a new date will be announced soon.

According to the Saudi website. It has been decided to postpone the festival in accordance with the Corona virus precautions. Which will take place in Jeddah from March 12-21.

The administration of the Red Sea International Film Festival says. The festival will be held this year at some date, and whenever conditions improve. The festival will be announced.

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The administration says. The decision to postpone was a difficult one. But we regret it, but it was a difficult decision to protect against the Corona virus. Had it not been for this obstacle, the Festival would have been a must.

Remember that some time ago. Six short films from Saudi Arabia were announced on Netflix. The aforementioned films have also won international awards.

The aforementioned films will be also available on Netflix in 190 countries by the end of this month.

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