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Interview of Marwa’s Parents with Nida Yasir.


Nida Yasir Interview with Marwa’s Parent.

So the most hapless time has smack out society now. When the news of sexual assault don’t surprise us any more. It shook our hearts and makes us all worry about ourselves. Our daughters and sisters but its not surprising anymore. The number of sexual harassment cases are considerably increasing day by day. In the past week we seen numerous cases. The news that shatter everyone’s heart last week that some beast natured people. Who destroy the life of a 5 years old minor Marwa. Who was a resident of Karachi for the sake of their sexual desires. They not only took advantage of her. But then burnt her with acid. Pack her innocent body in a gunny sack and threw it in garbage. The incident was nothing but an other example of inhumanity running with in our society. Till now the culprits are nowhere to be found.

Where this issue drove us to the of sorrow. Nida Yasir the Queens of morning show hosts get another ample opportunity to get rating. And of course she didn’t want to lose this chance. Nida took interview the parents of the innocent kid Marwah to her show. And being as insensitive as anybody could be she ask her parents. What happened to that day to the parents in THE LIVE SHOW.

How far would people go for the rating? Are TRP’s more important than the emotions of people? Didn’t see realize the pain of those parents. Who lost their 5 years old daughter after this horrific incident? Where is PEMRA now? Doesn’t this insensitive acting of Nida Yasir require any acting by authorities?

People are also bash Nida Yasir over this insensitive move. Here we have gather a few comments of people. Let’s go through the public remarks on such hideous act of Nida Yasir.

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