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Interview with Engin Altin Dzitan who plays Ertugrul: “I will definitely accept any good offer form Pakistan”


When Engin Altin Dzitan who played the lead role of Ertugrul in the Turkish Drama “Darius Ertugrul”. He was asking how the character has changed his personality. He compared the present to the present and then he told us that today the people are very artificial.

While making Ertugrul I came to know that people at that time were very kind, pure-hearted, and innocent. After learning about those people at that time I found that they are sincere and had many good ideas. But when I came to know about modern-day people. Today the people are not as pure innocent and truthful but they are highly artificial. He said that I wanted to see these things in the people but unfortunately, such people do not appear.

Interview with Furqan Hameed

In an interview with the host Furqan Hammed PTV home Pakistani channel state broadcaster dubbed in Urdu. Engin Altan Dziten talked about the positive response to his life while shooting Ertugrul and the world around him.

He also said that I was hearing the friendship bond between Pakistan and Turkey since childhood. And this brotherly expression love of country made him very emotional.

Love to work with Pakistan.

According to him, he is a big fan of Pakistan. And he said that if he would be offer to work in the Pakistani film or drama. And the character would be of his choice. Then definitely he will love to come to Pakistan and do that role.

When he was ask which drama or movie he liked the most. He straightly said that he did not like to see drama again once the project is over. Then started to think about the new project. He also said that I let you know that after when the project is over. And you have forgotten about that project. Suddenly it comes in front of you again you have a lot of fun watching your acting.

About drama serial “Darius Ertugrul”

The Drama Series Ertugrul has 150 episodes, and it has been shown smaller on Netflix. The shooting for the long shows took almost 6 years and at that time Engin Altan Dzitan has many stories.

He tells that before shooting he watched his performance again and again. So that no mistake will be repeated again and again.

A memorable scene.

After that, he described a memorable shooting of the scene. He said that one day his fellow actor was not able to learn. His line properly due to the state of excitement? The scene is repeated, his fellow actor didn’t get their lines right.

He says that then he went to his fellow actor and encouraged him to calm down. But after that when the shooting start again the same actor stuck him hard. On his head during the fight and the wound began to bleed when I ask him that what is this? he replied that “he had made mistake in a hurry.

About Engin Dalton Dziten

Praising the team that produced the play he said that his relationship with Ertugrul’s director and producer was very good, and also the director of this play is a great man and he has a lot of knowledge about the drama world. It would be definitely not wrong to say that he made his drama better than everyone expects and the results are in front of you.

He then said working as a team for six years is not easy but he said worked hard and did all the efforts to keep the atmosphere pleasant and keep everyone together and this has really a positive effect on the drama compiled.

Talking about himself he told that he considers himself humanitarian and tries not to hurt or break anyone’s heart. Altin said that he prefers human beings for what he does he must understand the suffering of people. He tells that the people at that time were used to being very clean and innocent. According to him the people were very sincere and had good ideas.

However he said that the people of the present time are not as much innocent and pure as compare to the people in the past and also they are unable to understand the suffering of other.

He said that he is working on the documentary on the effects of plastic on the environment and the pollution it produces. He also tell that he is working on the secret project and their details he is not going to reveal to anyone.

Ertugrul’s success and love for Pakistan.

He asked that if he had any idea that the drama would become so much popular when he took up to the project. To this question, he answers When I had the script in my hands I read it up and I was sure that this drama would be a successful one in Turkey, and its the best.

He said that this drama is presented in such a way that all of the actors working in the drama immersed their souls in it without any texture involved.

He say that he was convinced in Turkey for his success but did not realize how popular he is around the world. According to him received not only in Islamic countries but also followers from other religion. South Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom, it was talked about everywhere and its popularity around the world is certainly surprising to him.

According to him one of the reason for the success of the drama in Pakistan is the common religion and values. Engin said that he never imagined for such love he has received from Pakistan and he is very grateful for it.

After the situation improved in Pakistan i will love to come to Pakistan and express my love to the people of Pakistan and God willing it will happen.

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