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Iqbal Hassan

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Iqbal-HassanFilm actor

He was an all round Punjabi film actor.

Iqbal Hassan was a versatile film actor and only the second after Allauddin who successfully appeared in various characters in his 19 years long film career..

  • He started as an extra actor with Mazhar Shah in film Punjab da Sher (1965)
  • He was supporting hero with Akmal and Mohammad Ali in film Yaar Dost (1968)
  • He became solo hero with Naghma and Aliya in film Sassi Punnu (1968)
  • He was in hero-villain role with Aliya in film Nikkay Hundian da Pyar (1969)
  • He was in old role with Sudhir in film Charhda Suraj (1970)
  • He was main villaion with Kaifee in film Jeb Kutra (1973)
  • He was in the title role in mega hit film Sher Khan (1981)

Iqbal Hassan appeared in almost 300 movies, only a single Urdu film Baghi Haseena(1973) with Aliya was as a solo hero. He was side-hero and producer with Zeba &Mohammad Ali in Urdu film Badlay Gi Dunya Sathi (1972) and played some supporting roles in two famous Urdu movies Gharnata and Yeh Amn (1971).

Iqbal Hassan was on peak of his film career in the 1980s. His last film was Dushmani in 1990. His younger brother and actor Tanzeem Hassan appeared in many films during his lifetime and replaced him after his death. He died in a car accident in Lahore on November 14, 1984.


Real name
Active career 1965-84
Date of Birth
Born at
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting
Family Tanzeem Hassan (brother)
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