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Iqra and Yasir shares their first baby photos


Fans became more excited when they came to know about the couple’s “Good News”. The couple recently took the news of becoming parents to the Instagram along with the picture of baby’s hand. Fans congratulated the couple a lot and wanted to see glimpse of the baby.


Recently, Yasir Hussain has posted his image wherein he is holding his child kid Kabir, Yasir, while expressing gratitude toward his spous Iqra Aziz said that now he came to know why ‘being a mother’ is a greatest honor, he expressed gratitude toward Iqra for gift him with the best blessing one can at any point provide for somebody.

Yasir Hussain

Previously, Iqra Aziz has shared the picture of holding her baby for the first time. She said that it is the most beautiful feeling. Which can not be expressed into words.

Iqra Aziz
Yasir Hussain

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