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Iqra and Yasir distribute food to the deserving, Vilma at home


Well-known actors Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain performed. The ceremony of Vilmay very simply after their marriage to Dhoom Dham. The meal of Vlema was distributed among the deserving.

Prominent actors Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain joined the marriage on December 28 . On the last day, the two of them simply held William.

Vilma’s ceremony was held at home. Attended by close family members and a few friends. Iqra’s sister Sedra Aziz tweeted on social networking site Twitter.

According to Sadra, the two divided their village food into deserving ones. The ceremony was barely a few hours long.

The photos of the couple on the occasion were appreciated on social media.

The next day after the wedding. Yasir Hussain wrote in a long post on Instagram that he had arranged his wedding very simply.

Yasir wrote. ‘We did not give any unnecessary gifts to each other’s family, did not take dowry, did not become evil. Won’t spend money on waste jewelry. 8,000 wedding favors and food affordability. Marriage is just that, have compassion on your family and make marriage easy. ‘

He also wrote that he wanted to get married in his house. But due to the lack of space, the ceremony had to be moved out.

The simplicity of the two actors is well-appreciated on social media and they are considered as imitations for other actors.

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