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Where was the first meeting with Yasir Hussain? Iqra Aziz told everyone


KARACHI: Iqra Aziz tied up in a wedding ceremony made herself aware of her and Yasir Hussain’s first meeting.

Talking to host Nada Yasser at ARY Digital’s program Good Morning Pakistan, Iqra Aziz said that he first met Yasir at an award show after which the two became friends.

“After a year’s break, we both met at the awards show, after which we got closer and then got to know each other,” he said.

“After the second meeting, we not only came closer to each other but we also started spending time together. I love spending time with Yasser,” said the actress who played the lead role in ARY Digital’s drama False. Because he is a very good person. ‘

The funniest thing is that actor Yasir Hussain offered his marriage to Akra Aziz while he was showing at an awards show in 2019.

Talking about post-marriage life, Iqra said, ‘I am still looking for myself because I find so much happiness in doing so, I think this is the golden period of my life’.

“I belonged to a family where women have very strong nerves and make their own decisions, I found in-laws very good, happy to be married to a family with similar thoughts,” she said.

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