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How much did Iqra pay to become Yasir’s wife?


Leading actress Iqra Aziz Hussain has revealed the cost of becoming Yasir Hussain’s wife.

Iqra Aziz Hussain, a renowned actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared a photo of herself on social networking site Instagram on Instagram yesterday.

Addressing Yasir Hussain in a caption of his photo, Iqra Aziz humorously wrote, “This is the price of becoming Yasir Hussain’s wife.”

He wrote, ‘I love Yasser’s mischief, which he suddenly does to me.’

The actress also used the hashtag mustache in her post captions.

Yasser Hussain, on the other hand, shared a photo on his Instagram that has been haram sharif, and in this photo is written Yasir and Iqra Hussain on a paper slip.

The actress who captured the image is VJ Anusha Ashraf. Who has traveled to Saudi Arabia to seek Umrah and has prayed for Yasser and Iqra.

Yasir Hussain in his caption of this post thanked Anusha Ashraf and wrote, “Subhan Allah thank you for your prayers, may Allah bless you Ameen.”

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