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Iqra Aziz Says: “I was very fond of getting married and becoming a mother”


The Leading Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz has for the first time talked about her pregnancy and the feeling of being a mother.

She recently gave an interview for OTT platform. In which she talks about her personal, professional life, husband Yasir Hussain and son Kabir Hussain.

Iqra Aziz

She said that during the process of becoming a mother. She did not bother anyone in any way, she was very fond of getting married and becoming a mother. Iqra knew that she was going to become a mother, then one day came That Kabir Hussain was in their hands.

Iqra Aziz

She said that she did not have any fear during her pregnancy.

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz said, “Yes, there was a time when she used to order Yasir Hussain to go to many places and order delicious food. She remembers that once upon her order, Yasir Hussain teased her. He was taken to the streets. He sat there with his pet dog and Yasir Hussain and ate Nali Biryani.

Talking about the relationship between husband and wife, Iqra Aziz said: Even with respect, every relationship lasts. ‘

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