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Iqra Aziz stitch a Kurta for Yasir Hussain


Famous actress Iqra Aziz Hussain took over for her husband Yasir Hussain, whose image went viral on social media.

Yesterday, Pakistani showbiz industry actor Yasir Hussain shared a photo of himself on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app on which Yasir Hussain posted a black kurta.

In his caption of this post, Yasir Hussain addressed his wife Iqra Aziz and wrote, “Wow Ikra Wah, your fan has come out.”

The actor wrote, ‘Shrimp made this recipe in just 2 days.’

He wrote, ‘And for the first time, Iqra sewed a cloth and never sewed any cloth before.’

Yasir Hussain wrote, “I am so glad that Iqra chose me.”

They also used the #KurtaStitching and #Quarantine in their post captions.

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