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Rape perpetrators should made an example in public.


KARACHI: Actress Iqra Aziz demanded severe punishment for the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children and women. She said such people should be hang in public. So that they become a warning sign for others.

Iqra Aziz stress on the show of Effat Omar. She said that those involv in sexual abuse should be hanged in public. So that they set an example for others. People have different opinions on this matter. But I believe that a person who is involve in sexual abuse can never live among people without risk.

Iqra Aziz added that only public executions could reduce the crime rate. You need to set an example so that others will not dare to do such a thing.

It should be noted that in the same program. Iqra Aziz, while talking about his and Yasir’s marriage said he was fed up with people’s questions and married Yasir.

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