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Iqrar ul Hassan Second Wife Farah Iqrar Pictures


Iqrar ul Hassan recently visted UK with his second wife Farah Iqrar. she is currently working a media analyst and reporter in Samma Tv hosting a program Awam ki Awaz . He is a television presenter and journalist. He worked at the ARY News for many years. Previously as a newscaster, he now hosts a program called Sar-e-Aam.

He joined the electronic media in 2006 as a reporter. He began his news coverage profession as a news caster for ARY News. He’s wife Qurat-ul-Ain Hassan is also a journalist.

Recently, word got out that journalist and TV presenter Iqrar-ul-Hassan had a second marriage with another renowned journalist Farah Yousuf. The news imminently became a hot topic on social media given the profile of Iqrar. Meanwhile, people started discussing his second wife and their curiosity grew since it remained a private affair.

However, Iqrar-ul-Hassan responded to all the rumors, taking a confident step in confirming all rumors. First, he shared a tweet in which he openly talked about his both of his wives.

Shortly after, Iqrar came out on the media with a video where he revealed everything: details about his second wife, why he chose to keep it a private affair, as well as dissing all the trolls and people who tried to judge him.

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