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Iqrar-ul-Hassan spoke About Dua Zehra’s Case


Iqrar-ul-Hassan uncovered a few stunning disclosures about Dua Zehra’s case. Iqrar-ul-Hassan delivered a video message on his authority Youtube direct in which he expressed that “I haven’t uttered a word with respect to Dua Zehra’s case till now since I had no evidence to chat on such delicate point, however today I’m going uncover a few stunning insights about Dua Zehra’s case.”


“As per my examination, sadly Dua Zehra has been hijacked by a pack. Due to Dua Zehra’s folks, the manner in which they shared the news via online entertainment and arrived at court. This is the explanation that Dua Zehra has not been offered to anybody. Yet and Zaheer has kept her as a spouse at his home.”


“I realize a many individuals like Zaheer who trap young ladies like Dua Zehra and afterward eventually they are given to the following pack for prostitution and different demonstrations of shamelessness. Caps off to Dua’s folks who raise the matter via virtual entertainment and saved their girl from such circumstance. The examination is still under cycle and I’ll give verification presently”, added Iqrar.


Iqrar further referenced that “I attempted a ton that Dua Zehra could meet her folks this Eid. Even her folks consented to meet her and I guaranteed Zaheer’s family that all that will be chosen by their will yet Zaheer and his family declined, saying that Dua detests her folks and she would rather not meet them.”


“Eventually I reached a resolution that there is unquestionably something wrong. I will uncover each and everybody of them soon with confirmation in forthcoming recordings.

Iqrar Ul Hassan

From now onwards, I’ll make this point a subject of conversation and I’ll ensure that no one else would be caught the manner in which Dua Zehra has been by Zaheer and his posse. May Allah safeguard every single little girl of this country”, he finished up.

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