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Irfan Junejo announces to leave Vlogging


Pakistani youtube Irfan Junejo announces quit vlogging

Yesterday, Pakistan’s famous YouTuber and vloger Irfan Junejo shared a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘I Quite’.

Irfan Junejo announced in his video that he will no longer be vlogging.

Irfan Junejo said. “I don’t go to any event or go to an awards show. I get invitations but I don’t go.”

The Pakistani youtubeer said, “I have left the neuter, I have already reduced the use of the camera.”

He said, “As my fame has grown, my life is getting comfortable and I like it all.”

“I started making vlogs because I loved watching vlogs, I thought it would be fun to make vlogs,” he said.

Irfan Junejo said, “I did not know that I would fulfill my dreams through vlogging.” 

He said, “From meeting Brazilian footballer Vinaldino I dreamed of taking my own personal bike to the world of Villagung.”

Irfan said: “When someone I meet somewhere says that I watch your videos and I’m very impressed with your work, I feel very happy.”

Irfan said, “Along with all this, I am also suffering from anxiety and anxiety and this is all due to vigilance”.

He also said that the person who was previously living a life of happiness is slowly becoming like an ordinary person.

“It all started happening to me when my YouTube subscribers exceeded 5 million,” said Irfan Junejo.

“I am not saying that I am leaving YouTube and will no longer upload videos,” said YouTube. 

They said, “If my heart does, I will make villas or else I will not.”

Irfan Junejo said, “Now the purpose of my life is not just vogue, but I will create what I want to create and at the time I want to make it.”

It should be noted that Irfan is one of the great and famous youtubers of Pakistan and according to his vlogs, many youths in Pakistan have stepped into the world of villaging.

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