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Irfan Khan new post from his account

A post has surfaced from the account of legendary Bollywood actor Irfan Khan. Who passed away three days ago, which was shared by his wife on behalf of the entire family. 

The title of this post is ‘From Sutapa, Babil and Ayan’.

A post shared by Irfan Khan’s family states. “How can I call this writing a ‘family statement’. When the whole world is calling Irfan Khan’s death a ‘personal loss’. I How can I feel lonely when millions of people share our grief?

Irfan Khan’s wife said that she wanted to assure everyone that this is not a loss but a gain, a gain from what they have taught us and now we have to implement it.

Stapa also complained in the post that “Irfan Khan has spoiled me, his habit of trying to ‘perfect’ everything no longer satisfies me anywhere.”

Irfan Khan Family

He wrote about his married life: “Our marriage, not marriage, was a union and our life was a master class in acting. I also read the doctors’ reports like a script so that Irfan would give perfect performances in it as well.”

He mentioned the names of all the doctors who treated Irfan Khan and thanked him.

Recalling Irfan Khan’s illness and other moments of joy and sorrow spent with him, Sutapa described these conditions as indescribable.

“I saw my family in a boat with my two sons and Irfan on board, and Irfan guiding them in guiding them,” he wrote.

“When she asks her children if they remember anything their father taught them, they say that the father used to tell them to control their thoughts so that they would not be able to control you,” she said.

It may be recalled that Irfan Khan and Stapa were married 24 years ago in 1995 and have two sons, 19-year-old Babel and Ian.

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