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Irrfan Khan protests against installation of mobile towers


Very few would realize that separated from being a class on-screen character, Irrfan Khan likewise shares a societal concern. As of late, the performing artist, alongside the occupants of his new region, challenged against three versatile towers introduced close to his place as he is stressed over the radiations transmitted from them.

He said, “We all need cellular telephones to work in this day and age. In any case, our portable system towers should be arranged with better thought to local locations, parks, schools, doctor’s facilities and so on.

This is a critical need with today’s expanding wellbeing conditions prompting complexities because of the radiation. Beginning with straightforward side effects like cerebral pains, dazedness up to the determination of growth as saw in the Ushakiran building case and various different cases. We can just make mindfulness and urge individuals to go along with us in this minute.”

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– Keyur Seta

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