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Irrfan Khan tells Zakir Khan how he first fell in love

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In an interview for Irrfan’s upcoming ‘Qareeb Qareeb Single’, the two exchanged some funny memories


Bollywood star Irrfan Khan while talking to comedian Zakir Khan in a promotional interview for his upcoming movie ‘Qareeb Qareeb Single’, told him who his first love was and how was the experience.“It was in Jaipur; don’t ask me any further details”, said Irrfan. He told that he was 14 years of age at the time and trying to impress the lady he was in love with, he even took her love-letters to the man she loved. Irrfan told that the woman was elder than him and while everyone else called her ‘didi’ (Hindi for elder sister), Irrfan called her with her name, and that was how he thought he had distinguished himself from others in her eyes.

The two chatted about their first love, the problems that boys face in love affairs and how NOT-so-good-looking guys – like Zakir Khan – could actually attract women through their sense of humour.The exchange was personal, yet relatable for the common people and we obviously enjoyed it.Meanwhile, Irrfan Khan is playing a poet named Yogi in ‘Qareeb Qareeb Single’, who does poetry that nobody would ever want to listen, yet the guy is quite popular with girls.

Here’s the conversation:



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