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Acting professional Irrfan Khan says he is amazed that when a movie details an important issue that has been gift for several decades, it instantly becomes a “big issue” and that the whole nation has become a censor panel as anyone can create an issue out of anything.

“At every time there are several problems. That never gets to us. It’s an unusual proven reality that since several decades some publications who have the reliability have revealed a condition and revealed about the harshness of the problems, and ten decades later when a movie is created on it centered on that condition, instantly it becomes such a serious issue.”

“My issue is with the point that we don’t even know if it is a censor panel or a certification panel. It’s a certification board; it’s not a censor board… The whole nation has become a censor panel in such a way that if some issue is brought up someone creates an issue out of it,” Irrfan said at the release of the music ‘Dama Dam’ from his movie ‘Madaari’.

The debate around the movie ‘Udta Punjab’ and its problems with the censor panel have taken over news in recent times. The issue of medicine and the use of the name of situations of Punjab associated to medication have been some of the arguments of the censor panel.

Irrfan said, “These are all guidelines created by the English and at fault should not drop on any personal. You designate someone and he/she goes according to the rulebook. And we are sleeping; the nation is resting. We don’t have the need to modify anything.

“So we should take it a bit seriously. The market should come ahead. The market will pay Rs.4,000 crore in taxation, so the federal govt should have some type of action and appreciate those who pay taxation. We need to awaken and the federal govt should also think about it. Mahesh Bhatt had mentioned that 40 decades back he had created some movie which had got trapped. So we are just resting actually.”

Numerous filmmakers in a media meeting had brought up their speech against the operating of the censor panel.

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