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Is Hamza role in Prem Gali Inspire from Bollywood.


Is Hamza role in Prem Gali is Bollywood inspired?

Prem gali is a romantic 2020 Pakistani television series. Which is premie on ARY digital. It is write by Faiza Iftikhar. Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed. And produced by Humayun Saeed under Six Sigma Plus. This drama mainly stares Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro.

The drama is such a light heart and so soft. It’s fun content is liked by everyone. The reason why people loved this drama serial is that nowadays most of the dramas are intense and heavy for the audience.

Prem gali is the love story of Joya and Hamza. Who lived in such a small neighbourhood.

Farhan Saeed has played the character of Hamza in Prem Gali. And his character has Bollywood touch. As we have seen, the king of romance Shah Rukh Khan has his own particular style. And people think that Farhan Saeed’s character is inspire by Shah Rukh Khan.

In an interview, the director of Prem Gali, Qasim Ali Mureed has talked about Hamza’s character and said, “We have planned everything and Farhan is one of those actors who do effortless and believable act. One amazing thing about Farhan is you just say to him that Farhan the end of the scene is not coming interesting and it’s boring so he is like I am doing it. He is a rock star and he has done so many concerts and has his own charm.”

Talking about old school touch in the story, Qasim Ali Mureed said, “Like in our story was a guy looking at the girl from his rooftop. And it might look old school in 2020 but we belong to the era of cassesstes. And making songs on cassettes was our thing. So the story has an old school touch.”

He further talk about Farhan Saeed’s character and share. “We work on his wardrobe. And also we wanted his character to be different from his previous characters in film and dramas.”

Here is the complete interview:

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