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Is Mahira Khan getting married again?


Islamabad: Leading actress Mahira Khan responding to a question regarding second marriage. “Is Mahira Khan getting married again?”. On social media said that. When I feel like.

According to details, superstar Mahira Khan performed a live session with AskMahira’s hashtag on social media. During which fans answered interesting questions. Including questions about her favorite career and second wedding from her acting career. ۔

Shahbaz Ali, a Twitter user asked “Is Mahira Khan getting married again?”

Ideally New Year’s greetings to millions of fans around the world, some fans insist on a new question-and-answer session.

A user advised a specialist why not! On this happy occasion we have a session of #AskMahira?

Later, a user named Shafqat Dare replied to the expert’s tweet and wrote ‘tonight at ten,’ the expert agreed.

However, Had been spending time with.

During the Paris Fashion Week, world-renowned actress Mahira Khan won the hearts of her fans around the world with her costumes and styling.

To be clear, Mahira Khan has also shown the essence of acting in Bollywood, along with Shah Rukh Khan, the film director also proved successful at the box office.

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