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Ishqiya Has Finally Ended And People Are Not So Happy With The Ending


Drama serial Ishqiya has ended with a high note, leaving a deep message for the new generation.

The story revolved around 4 characters. Hamna and Romaisa who were sisters.

Hamza was interested in humna. So both of them became friends. After some episodes, the parent of humna decided the marriage of humna with his friend’s son named Azeem

Humna did not tell to the hamza about her marriage with Azeem. After some episode, hamza see humna with Azeem and want to investigate about Azeem

He searched in the list of students about the marital status of hamna. he sees that he was married and go to Humna and said: “very well played humna, very well played”. he drives the car very fast and has an accident.

Humna prays for hamza because he was on a ventilator. hamza comes back to normal after a few episodes and sent her proposal to his little sister romaisa for revenge.he fell love with romaisa and didn’t take revenge

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