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Jacqueline Fernandez on COVID-19: We are tackling something much bigger


There’s no doubt- when in times of need, Jacqueline Fernandez has always stepped forward to help every time.

The actress in the past has also done a lot of activities to help the different segments of the population that are distressed, in every way possible.

Jacqueline also has been a part of various initiatives to make society a better place to live in as well as, for the environment.

The actress does it purely for, she understands the pain the people are going through.

The actress recently shared, “I think we saw that this is not only corona, COVID-19 that we are tackling. We are tackling something much much bigger that’s affecting the world economy, that’s affecting the food that people have been able to get, it’s affecting our daily wage earners and just everyone.”

Giving the ray of hope everyone is holding onto, making it stronger, Jacqueline adds, “I want you guys to know that we’re in this together. I’m sitting here right now and there are so many bigger problems out there. Of course! It’s only natural to feel that what your next steps are going to be? what would you do? and there’s a certain sense of insecurity. If you guys are feeling it, trust me I am feeling it too.

I want you guys to know that everyone’s going to get through it together, but I think the best thing we can do right now is just at home, be safe, and donations, help”.

Urging people to donate and do their bit in some way, Jacqueline says, “I just want to say that in whichever way we can donate, we must do that. Let’s be a part of resolving this issue and eradicate COVID-19. Let’s be a part of making sure that we are helping some portion of people get some relief.”

Hoping for the best and sharing some more concerns, Jacqueline says, “People who are starving- that’s my biggest concern right now. Let’s keep the vibe positive and I feel that’s going to be of great help and there are a lot of retail companies out there.

who are also doing as much as they can in their own way with their own resources. Let’s try and support these people too.

There are a lot of organizations, I just hope that all of you can in your own way do a little bit.

Because it will move a very very long way because there are people out there who need it right now.”

Adding further, the actress shared, “I am going to make sure I organise a way to get my donations. Remember, a small bit goes a long way so don’t feel its not in us to make a difference.”

Truly, these words of encouragement have made a huge difference in us and we are all looking forward to fighting this, together. Jacqueline Fernandez always serves as the right inspiration as she continues to win over as Bollywood’s sunshine, with her positive and uplifting outlook.

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