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Students from Pakistani madrassas won the competition by making robots


LAHORE: Seminary Jamia Bait-ul-islam students made their name in the robotic competition at Taxila University.

According to the tech website Tech Jose. Students from 20 universities, including the Jamia Bait-ul-islam, participated in the December 30 competition at the Hi-Tech University of Taxila.

Students of madrassa Bethlehem made their mark in the field of robotics, celebrating their ability to excel.

According to the report, the other 20 university students were contestants. Who presented their robots. But the robots developed by the students of the Jamia Bait-ul-islam were considered by the judges to be the best.

In addition, the students of the Madrassa took first position in the speech competition.

According to the report, the university is under the aegis of the welfare institute. Where students are provided with advanced scientific education along with religious education. While there are matriculation and O-level education facilities which the students themselves choose. 

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