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Jannat Mirza’s Calling Out Waqar Zaka And his Reply.


Jannat Mirza’s who is the most popular tiktoker. She is the only one on the tiktok to reach 10 million. Therefore she is such talented and a kind celebrity. Apart from Tik Tok she also famous on many other social media platforms. The two years old Tik Tok star Jannat Mirza is currently in Japan for shooting.

Jannat is the sister of famous tik toker Alishbah. They both are sisters. And the talented one. Due to her treat acting technique and great concept. They both have reach million of followers on their tiktok. Not just on tik tok but also on every social media platform. They both are pretty enough. And it seems like they will definitely rise like star in the sky further in the future. 

Jannat Mirza’s through her Instagram Story called out Waqar Zaka. She addressed Waqar Zaka as “Uncle”. Jannat Mirza through her Instagram want to show the real face of Wakar Zaka. She says that he just comment on tik tok videos to gain the attention, views and rating of the people.

She also said that according to you Tik Tokers are spreading vulgarity, your vulgar live video calls, your challenges, your dares, your snap chat stories, I’ve watched all and they still are available on YouTube.

Moreover Jannat Mirza asked Wakar Zaka to remove all his content on youtube channel. Because she thinks only that way Waqar Zaka judging Tik Tokers will be justified.

She also said that she herself has done many good deeds but never told anyone unlike Waqar Zaka who makes vlogs of his pious deeds.

Waqar Zaka replied to Jannat Mirza through his YouTube channel. He called her Chachi Lasori”. While commenting on Jannat Mirza’s statement he said that you have done every un-Islamic thing and promoted it. But not the pious deeds. In Islam it is evident that you can do pious deeds publicly.

Waqar Zaka also said that he have massive fan following who on just his one que will report Jannat Mirza’s Instagram account.

Check out the video:

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