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“Japan Connection” Shouting Complete in Japan


Tanveer Jamal, the leading actor-director and producer of various major Japanese cities. It has completed the shooting of the Japan Connection to the big budget film.

Speaking exclusively to the war. Tanvir Jamal said that his film is a beautiful and interesting story based on the drug mafia. In which well-known actors have done a great job.

Tanvir Jamal said that the main characters of the film include Timur Khan. Myra Khan, and other leading actors. While the film also plays an interesting role by Japan’s leading businessman and Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain. Fans will love it.

Tanvir Jamal said that the story of the film consists of two childhood friends. In which one friend becomes a major police officer and another friend becomes a drug dealer. Due to circumstances and both come together against each other.

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According to Tanveer Jamal. The film will prove to be the best weapon against drug mafia in the country. Tanveer Jamal said that the budget of the film has reached 8 million as the bulk of the film is shot in expensive country like Japan. The movie has been destroyed while cars like Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz have been destroyed. While more than 20 people have participated in the shooting in Japan. For three weeks so hope that the film will be a huge success on commercial cinema.

Responding to a question, Tanvir Jamal said that many companies have come forward to release this film under their banner but it is hoped that this film will be released under the banner of Geo all over Pakistan as well as in Japanese language in Japan. I will be dubbing and releasing.

Speaking on the occasion, the protagonist of the film, Tirifur Khan, said that the story of the film was very interesting and I have tried to do justice to its role. Will

Leading actress who plays the heroine in the film, Maira Khan said that this is her fifth film, while the story of the film impressed her so much that she could not refuse to work in the film. As has been the case with many actors and directors, it is expected that the film will set the trend in Pakistan and raise the flags of success.

Mayra Khan also said that the days spent in Japan will be remembered for her lifetime. This is her third visit to Japan. Hopefully in future she will maintain contact with Japan.

Mayra Khan also praised the acting Japanese villain Rana Abid Hussain for playing the villain in the film and said that Rana Abid Hussain is a great actor. It was a lot of fun to work with. Hopefully he will continue his career in the future.

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