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Javed Akhtar arrives in Maidan for criticizing Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry


New Delhi: Poet Ahmed Javed Akhtar came out on the field calling Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry anti-Hindu. And said it was ridiculous to call Faiz’s poem anti-Hindu.

According to details, in the protest against the controversial law in India, Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem ‘We will see’ echoed.

Javed Akhtar defended Faiz. Saying that Faiz’s poem is anti-Hindu is ridiculous and it is not possible to talk about it. Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem is against the restrictions on freedom of expression.

There are protests and protests all over the country against citizenship law in India. On December 15, 2019. A protest was held against the law in Jamia area of ​​Delhi. Which included some students of Jamia Millia Islamia University.

Meanwhile, the police brutally tortured the students by entering the university library and hostel. However, Students of IIT Kanpur. Like universities around the world. Staged a December 17 protest at the compound of the university. After the violent police raid at Jamia Millia University. ۔

During the demonstration, some students read “We will see” poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Later, in protest of the written complaint from the director of the University of Kampo, an anti-Hindu poem has been read, which has angered the sentiments of Hindus and therefore action should be taken against the students who have read this poem.

However, Upon receipt of this complaint, the company formed a committee that will investigate the complaint.

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