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Javed Sheikh lays stress on a quality script


Javed Sheikh senior actor lays stress quality script said that for the
success of any film the most compulsory item is a quality script.
Javed Sheikhs has a long career in the film industry and worked in
numerous films and dramas in various capacities such as actor,
director, producer etc. for nearly forty years.

Obviously, a person whose career is sprayed over more than four
decades, is highly experienced and his views, even without any
supporting element, are very authentic that cannot be argued or called
in question. But while analysing someone’s settlement on any topic,
another factor still exists, that affects the way of  thinking. This
factor is interpretation of any important or basic word. The
interpretation is so important that it can change even direction of

In Javed Sheikh’s statement the word ‘quality’ may deliver different
meanings to different people. Actually, some facts are very solid and
no one can calls them in question but still the reason for controversy
exists over its interpretation or explanation in other words.
When we glance over film industry with reference to the central ideas
of certain films or dramas, we find there diversity.

Various kinds of scripts are found. Som movies teach the lesson of humanity, some incite the audience to enforce any specific ideology by force or coercion, telling  that this is the most noble idea or concept.

How can one decide and reach a final decision that is equally acceptable
for all, that which of these concepts are most suitable. Obviously a
script of any film or drama is a concept in physical shape and not
anything more than this.

In addition to above, there is also a horizontal form of differences
i.e. several scripts consist of the scenes which are only  full of
action whereas some present  the theory of calm deliberation over any
topic. Some scrips has nothing but consist only comedy dialogues and
in spite of this the movies they present  are seen very interestingly.

Some  movies carry historical facts but these are seen only by a
specific segment of the audience and not by all with equal interest.
Hence any senior person carrying experience of his field should
deliver any statement on any topic, in more specific form attracting
less interpretational controversy.



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