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Javed Sheikh on her Showbiz Debut


Karachi: Pakistan’s legendary actor Javed Sheikh says he came on TV because of a recommendation

Javed Sheikh, a senior actor in the Pakistan film and drama industry, shared stories about his career on a private TV channel show that no one has ever known. Javed Sheikh said he started his career as an extra. I auditioned in Radio Pakistan 5 times and failed five times but did not get heartbroken. And for the sixth time, I was selected and I spoke only one line.

Referring to working on TV,Sheikh said that when a new TV came in, I went as a recommended actor. I told Aftab Afghani, the producer that I had to work on TV. He phoned and talked to Amir Imam, the producer and director of PTV Karachi and talked about me and thus I got a small role as an employee.

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Javed Sheikh has acted in more than 20 films in Bollywood. Asked about the host being asked about working in Bollywood, Javed Sheikh said that what is happening with Muslims in India, I do not think I will have the heart to work there as long as the situation is politically correct. But my heart will not do that unless I have to. It is heartbreaking to see the recent Delhi riots in India, the atrocities in Kashmir and Gujarat.

Sheikh further said that in the current environment and the situation in Pakistan, India should not show Indian films and plays here.

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