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Jawad Bashir denies rumours of rift with wife

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KARACHI: Actor-director Jawad Bashir put to rest any rumours of rift with his wife Hina Jawad saying that “all was well” between the couple. According to the Roznama Express the husband-wife duo was experiencing tension in their marriage but Bashir disregarded them as just rumours.

Known for his comic roles and as the frontman of the band Dr Aur Billa, Bashir tied the knot with model-actor Hina a few years ago. Their real life companionship also flourished onscreen with the two collaborating on various projects, such as their latest horror film Maya. As per reports by the publication, tension was rife between the couple during the filming of Maya, which only seemed to have accentuated towards the end of production.

Hina, who apart from sharing writing credits on the film has also played the lead role in the movie, was a notable absentee from Maya’s premiere in Lahore, reported the publication. The newspaper attributing her absence to the fact that she was not invited to the screening event.

Jawad clarified her absence telling The Express Tribune that, “The reason she was unable to attend the premiere for the movie was because she was not here and had gone to Islamabad. She has been promoting the movie on her Facebook and has been posting pictures with me.”

He added that since his movie Maya was in the news these days people were making unnecessary issues out of things.

In an earlier interview, Bashir had told how the idea for the horror film was conceived when his wife, who had spent majority of her life in Europe, narrated the story about the supernatural experiences of a few people visiting Denmark.

Initially conceptualised as a short film, Bashir was forced to shelve the project due to other commitments, but decided to return to it a few years later. Despite adding a few fictitious elements to transform it into a feature film, he shares that he has kept the story as ‘true’ as possible. “I wanted to keep it as true as I could as it was my responsibility to document these events properly through my film,” he explains.

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