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Jaya Bachchan lashes out at students


Jaya Bachchan being in the news for her anger fits is not unprecedented. But this time, the target of Amitabh’s wife was a group of students.

Ms Bachchan lost her cool when photogs and the media were constantly clicking her snaps, prompting shouting response from the actress.

Jaya Bachchan attended an event recently, hosted by a journalist. During the midst of the conversation, Jaya began lashing out at the photogs for clicking pictures of her. “I don’t like it when you flash into my eyes”, said Jaya adding, “Parents and schools should educate students on this matter. We Indians should learn that you cannot click anyone, anywhere. I have a right to say no to being photographed. It is basic courtesy that you ask your guests if they are comfortable with the press and media, and people clicking pictures.”

She further added, “I am outspoken, sorry if I am sounding like a great grand mother but that is what I am.”

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