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Jennifer Grout Recites of Holy Quran


New York: In an interview to the British news agency. American singer Jennifer Grout said. That using her voice in any way is a blessing, and reading the Qur’an is something very special.

The American singer spoke of the text. Saying that it is a very unique thing because unlike instrumental music. It is not something external but coming from within you.

He said that before Islam. He had no tendency towards any religion. She says, “I feel like I have chosen Islam, not Islam.

Jennifer said she recently hired a teacher to understand the Qur’an, before which she was mostly listening to the text and copying it.

Jennifer Grout said that there were many musicians in my family, learned to play the music in my childhood and then studied music, my graduation was in Western classical music such as opera. Classical Arab music.

It should be noted that videos of Jennifer’s Koran recital were popular, and six years ago, Jennifer surprised everyone in the Arab world’s largest musical show Arab Got Talent, and this year they accepted Islam.

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