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Acting professional Jimmy Sheirgill says that his part in ‘Madaari’ is of a lot older police man as in comparison to his other positions of law enforcement.

When inquired about the main distinction between his part in ‘Madaari’ as in comparison to another part in the recently-released ‘Traffic’, both of police, Jimmy said, “You think that it is a cop, he is something else, you don’t know who he is. You see it on this summer 15. It’s generally a CBI guy, it is a far old personality, or a grew up cop from what I have done before.” Jimmy was existing at the release of a music from ‘Madaari’.

Jimmy will be seen in a dense bacchante and wearing cups in his part, trying to resolve the strange abduction of a house minister’s son. Formerly, he has also performed a cop in ‘Special 26’ and ‘A Wednesday’.

The music ‘Dama Dam’ was published on Saturday and about the music, Jimmy said, “It is doing validation to what the movie is also about.”

Lead actor of the movie Irfan Khan said, “This music was very necessary for the movie. That is why we kept talking about it with Vishal sahib (Bhardwaj) since many times about how we should be doing it. The concept was there in my thoughts how it should be, that it should become a youngsters anthem.”

“It should discuss to individuals and do something to them. Not just in the interest of enjoyment you perform a music and dancing to it, dancing but that sensation should stay in you. Vishal sahab took a considerable efforts and one day he said, ‘you quit informing, let me do it the way I do it’. Then he came up with his own edition and the lines published by Irshad (Kamil) is amazing.”

Right from the movie trailer of the movie the tag line ‘Desh so raha hai’ is seen and even functions noticeably in ‘Dama Dam’ as well.

About the road, house Nishikant Kamat said, “It is the system’s problem which we want offer. ‘Desh so raha hai’ is a very representational range. We have been resting over so many problems which indicates we are not aware about so many problems. We don’t know about unique which are legally ours, which are our privileges according to the law guide.”

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